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To bolster freedom of the media and develop the media landscape in Armenia, the Office helps the authorities review and amend the country's broadcasting legislation; assists with the transition from analogue to digital broadcasting; follows cases of intimidation and violence against journalists; and trains lawyers and judges on freedom of expression standards. It also runs workshops for civil servants on public access to information principles, and trains journalists on new media technologies.

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Freedom from distraction may in fact be the new, sought after bourgeois luxury. In his most emailed essay in the New York Times this weekend, The Joy of Quiet ,” Pico Iyer says that the future of travel lies in black hole resorts” where you pay exorbitant amounts for remote beautiful rooms that are offline. The principle is that freedom from the Internet is so rare and exotic and impossible that it is becoming a commodity: It's not iPhones or iPads we have to worry about buying, but peace from them. Freedom, then, is a poor man's fabulous hotel room on a cliff on a beach without wireless.